Week 33

2 points for meeting SDU guys Kim and Bruno - incredible stories and people.

1 point for seeing the employees creative parking in the parking spot

1 point for meeting Lars Mogensen unexpectedly at the office. Great energy.

2 point for HappyMoves Odense Akro Yoga and photoshoot.

1 point for meeting Kolle at LA BAR

5 points for company office with softball shooting and a lot of laughs at the office + weed date. Refuckulation!

13 points


Week 34

40 points for the trip to crete

40 points


Week 35

1 point for MT outdoor games

3 points for now being 8 poeple in the house. new times ahead.

1 point for seeing my bro’s workplace

3 points for meeting new internationals at A-bar

8 points


Week 36

4 points for karussel thursday + meeting new people at Ryans couchsurfing meetup

5 points for SDU event talking to 500 students

7 points for friday adventures. Karussel and the art of lovemaking ;)

4 points for more saturday fun.

20 points


Week 37

1 point for photoshoot at office

4 points for sexual encounters

4 points for Cedde moving into the house + seeing him smoke grass on a chair looking into his room from outside while listening to loud classic music

9 points


Week 38

3 points for company newspaper article and the reaction I got from people in my network.

4 points for stepping up my performance in bed

4 points for a crazy entrepreneur friday bar and getting completely knocked out on grass later.

2 points for a cozy gaming day at Fraugde.

3 points for a fun saturday night with Cedde going crazy.

9 points


Week 39

2 - Seeing “Den Fynske Spilfabrik”

2 - Hospital. Saw a beautiful girl. Tried to follow her.

6 - House Crawl

10 points


Week 40

2 - CEO event Technology Denmark

2 - Seeing a Kiropraktor. She could fix my neck pain problems.

4 - Dinner at “the balcony”. Bike got locked up. Slept at office. Had to call off alarm last minute.

2 - Going out with Sam. Very tired, but fun.

6 - Drink “dato” at Viggos for the first time. Soooo much energy and fun.

16 points


Week 41

4 - Talked to Jim Lyngvild about vikings. Interesting personality.

3 - Pitched for a company the proper way.

7 points


Week 42

6 - meeting my beautiful date, who reminds me of Ayn Rand but a model at the same time. Ordered me to shower when we reached her apartment. Great night.

5 - the Poznan experience. Meeting Asja and her crew.

3 - Meeting Martina, the first truly positive, happy and easy going Pole I have met.

7 - fun and berlin-style house party with a lot of cool people. We went with a crazy guy to after party. Nice gay guy hit on me, kissing me on the cheek. Weird. She showed appreciation for me. Just wanted to hear my voice. I felt happy.

4 - Watching football with Julie and Andrei. Meeting Mai Mi and a really nice bartender that made “Små kolde” for us. Had fun while walking.

4 - Approaching her at the asian store about what she wants. Felt like a fateful moment.

3 - Good night with the Odense girl :)

40 points


Week 43

5 - Fun friday event at Morning Train. Met some really cool people.

5 - Saturday halloween party at my house. Fun.

2 - Talk to a girl on fb. Just doing it instead of thinking about it. Good progress.

12 points


Week 44

2 - Meet Brian at W (local bar) and talk about life and entrepreneurship.

8 - Go to a private J-dag party. My greek friend George convinced me to stay. Went to crazy medicine students party. I ended up making out and going home with the girl I talked to on FB. Happy day.

5 - Meeting her again. Had a good time.

15 points


Week 45

4 - Meeting her several times and getting a good connection going.

3 - Customer meeting with nice energy in the room.

7 points


Week 46

2 - my first morning run in the beautiful snow landscape. Trying to start a daily trend.

7 - Going to Berlin for my first big conference. Was great. Met a lot of people. Got tired of listening too much and left earlier.

5 - Catching up with Berlin girl. Always a good time.

4 - Crazy Berlin hipster hip-hop club.

18 points


Week 47

4 - Customer meeting where we were told that everybody they talked to recommended our company. Such a great feeling. Humbled and proud.

2 - Tough customer meeting with a lot of negotiation involved. Always a challenge.

3 - family dinner. Great to see the Madsen family again. Grandfather was cool.

9 points


Week 48

3 - Interviewing Thomas. So much energy and positivity. I liked it.

2 - doing a lot of interviews is an interesting study of people.

3 - meeting with the local IT experts at an old and fancy restaurant.

4 - Going to a medicine students party at 1:30 AM. Meeting her and taking her home :)

6 - Christmas dinner at Morningtrain. Crazy night. Jumped the roof (half way accident). Got very drunk on Romanian plumb vodka.

18 points


Week 49

2 - meeting young marketing entrepreneus who had some crazy ideas for our company.

4 - met with a girl about something super serious and bad. I had mostly ignored the problem so far. I felt like an asshole and I deserved to feel like that.

5 - Christmas dinner with my international friends. Crazy night. Had a car party. She was drunk, demanded the best french fries or I would not go home with her :P

7 - Christmas dinner in Fraugde. I was in a total dance mood, and didnt care much about anything else than DJ’ing and dancing. Screamed of happiness.

18 points


Week 50

4 - gathering really cool entrepreneurs in the city for an ambitious project. Really nice that they all backed my plan.

4 - 2 x lunch meetings at restaurants during the week. A great way to combine business and seeing all the restaurants and cafes in Odense.

6 - entrepreneur friday bar got wild - we ended up at my office and in town later. Danced and kissed with a nice girl :)

3 - party in the center with the international gang.

17 points


Week 51

5 - Christmas with the family :)

5 - went out in my old high school town - met a lot of old acquaintances.

10 points


Week 52

8 - went partying almost every night as a social experiment. Was fun. Kissed a nice girl. Met a nice Danish girl.

5 - New years eve. Completely drunk. Went into the city where a lot of weird stuff happened ;)

13 points




Week 1

5 - Sick week. Got to read the entire internet. Or that’s how it felt like.

5 points


Week 2

5 - fun at the office training my new employee in department bad.

4 - went to a thai massage. Had to pay the same price for a normal massage as I would have paid for a “happy ending”.

9 points


Week 3

4 - met Claus from VSM contractor. Larger than life character that makes you smile a lot.

4 - Coworking Plus tour + looking at new possible office. Exciting.

6 - Late night swimming pool disco with exciting blue and red light show. Was super high.

14 points


Week 4

4 - Czech food night organized by my friends (I didn’t know they were organizers)

4 - nice meetings with nice people gave me a good perspective

3 - nice student party at “the house”

11 points


Week 5

6 - met a very inspiring woman with the coolest work title “good carma officer”

4 - sat in the town hall with some of the most influential people in Odense. Interesting meeting.

3 - Couchsurfing 3 years anniversary meetup was fun. I have been a part of it almost since the beginning. 4 - Welcome party for new students in Odense. Approached beautiful girls. Kinda got rejected but felt good for trying ;)

4 - Graduation party for my friend i call “the Johnny Depp of Iran” Fun and warm people. Good conversations.

21 points


Week 7

3 - Got sick again :/ Played football on my birthday. People were nice.

3 points


Week 7

6 - Journey to Silicon valley has gegun. Wuhu!

7 - meeting with my friend Anvar and all of the cool people around him. So nice!

7 - Went to the mosque. People were overly nice. Called me a brother after I slept in the same room as them for their ceremony. Great time!

20 points


Week 8

9 - the American experience. So easy to talk to people. Full of nice memories of great encounters.

8 - seeing beautiful nature in Yosemite. Felt in one with it. Botanic feeling.

7 - riding the highway with Anvar in a 3.9L Ford Mustang Cabriolet. Freedom ;)

8 - viisting the campuses of Google, Facebook, Apple and Stanford University.

8 - Meeting Gogo again. It has been a year since I saw her last time. Rediscovered why I like her so much. Now she is in Denmark. I want to see her again.

40 points


Week 9

7 - a lof of succes with “dating-life” gave me an euphoric feeling through out the week. One situation in particular had me feeling really high for two hours.

7 - Super fun party at SDU. Kissed girl in bar, everybody around us commented on it. Drunk and silly.

6 - Went on a nice date that ended with a kiss :)

20 points


Week 10

6 - Met the Italian boss Mario in Copenhagen. He is a wonderful stereotype charismatic Italian.

3 - On a date where she didn’t trust me to drive her home. Felt like abducting her, once she finally agreed.

3 - Fun entrepreneur friday bar at Coworking Plus.

12 points


Week 11

5 - St. patricks day fun. Met my friends girl. She has a lot of initiative. Fun to be around.

4 - first weekly sport event launched. Great fun.

6 - Morning Train bowling and lan. Fun times.

15 points


Week 12

4 - did a SEO presentation in Copenhagen. Had fun with the “girls” :)

5 - Finally kissed my date after 3 or 4 dates ;)

3 - Night out with fun people.

12 points


Week 13

2 - Fun game of Floorball at the office.

5 - Picnic in the park with the girl :)

6 - Went to a big conference for business leaders on the island of Fyn. Became friends with competitors. Met girl afterwards.

4 - Fun night out. Made out with the girl in all kinds of places in town :P

3 - Went out dancing at Boogies. Good fun :)

*20 points


Week 14

4 - Bargained a better price for a car for my friend in Copenhagen. Met two super cool founders for a sales meeting.

6 - Awesome party at the office and in the city. Very drunk.

5 - Had a nice night at her place :)

15 points


Week 15

3 - inviting her to Fraugde

4 - visiting family and great talk with my stepmother

5 - Going to Bremen with her. Meeting her friend and chilling in the city.

12 points


Week 16

5 - climbing in funky monkey park. Awesome thrills crawling around high above ground.

5 points


Week 21

4 - talk with coach gave me strong insights on myself

4 points



3 week hitchhiking trip.

50 points


Week 34

6 - Sales training with the legendary Tony.

5 - Water balloon fight with 4000 water balloons with a lot of strangers. Dept. BAD had cool head bands ;)

11 points


Week 36

10 - Legendary teambuilding weekend with the company @ Langeland

10 points


Week 37

3 - Rearranged my room and now sleep on the floor.

6 - Great meeting at Danfoss where I met some awesome and talented business people.

2 - tried acupuncture. Not fun, but a unique experience nonetheless.

3 - fun night out in Odense city.

14 points


Week 38

4 - Meeting with a customer was like a cartoon scene.

*4 points


Week 42

10 - Nice week in Berlin + Hamburg

10 points




Week 2

5 - Meeting about UN LIVE in Copenhagen

3 - nice trip to Århus but I was kinda sick so minus points for that

8 points


Week 3

6 - Getting a great new team established at the office

4 - Weird and interesting hippie party at the harbour (Ulys)

6 - Lan party at the office

16 points


Week 4

10 - Going to Ireland for the weekend. Great host (Conor!) and nice people. Nice Guinness ;)

10 points


Week 5

5 - meeting top people of the city for huge visionary ideas for our city.


forgot writing these for a while - had a great time, no worries ;)


Week 30

6 - met Danish in Berlin, a cool guy from Kashmir - we connected really well. Will invite me to Kashmir.

8 - crazy night club Polygon in Berlin with a gay techno sex party going on (we didnt know before buying tickets)

14 points


Week 32

5 - crazy circus show at Odense harbour - really great.

6 - Østers wedding. Good and drunken times. Morning Train went all dancing mode.

11 points


Week 36

5 - Generator street festival was fun. Crazy dancing ;)

6 - Realizing the amount of energy is released within myself if I try to be good and positive towards my surroundings.





Week 4

8 - great party in the city. Anden was fun. Selko and I made ormen at katten & musen. He lapdanced me at another bar and we kinda got thrown out.

8 points


Week 10

15 - Trip in Tenerife with other cool entrepreneurs. Spent most of my time with Kasper, Catrine, Hans, Jesper & Samuel. All legendary - same goes for the rest of the bunch.

8 - Wednesday fun night and Karnival in the city. Met some girl. Danced all night. David took me home because A trans was hitting on me and apparently drugraped me. Puked in my cup and bed.

23 points


Week 13

7 - Reception with Morningtrain - really good vibes and funny speaches. Went out in the city afterwards. Empty wine bottles.

5 - Visit family, chill, play crocket and stuff in the good ol Sønderjylland

12 points